Yingbo He

Yingbo He

Yingbo He
Department of Neurology
Stanford University, USA


Yingbo He received her BA in Biopharmaceutics from China Pharmaceutical University in 2002 and Ph.D in Biology from Tsingua University in 2008. In her ph.D career, her interests mainly focus on uncovering the biochemical and biophysical mechanisms of protein misfolding, aggregation, and its role in neurodegeneration. She also studied on amyloid inhibition and animal model establishment for Alzheimer’s disease. During her postdoctoral training at Stanford University since 2008, her primary research area is to investigate the novel function of immune molecules and signaling in adult brain, with specific interest in adult neurogenesis and neuroprotection with transgenic mouse models. This may provide some clues in the therapy of neurodegenerative diseases.

Research Interest

Interested in molecular mechanism and function of immune system in brain and
drug development of neurodegenerative diseases.