Yige Guo

Yige Guo

Yige Guo
Postdoctoral Research, Scientist Department of Pathology & Cell Biology
Columbia University, New York, USA


Dr. Yige Guo is currently a postdoctoral research scientist at Columbia University. With more than 10 years of research experience, he has made significant contributions to the mitosis field. In his Ph.D. thesis, Dr. Guo, for the first time, elaborated how BubR1, a crucial mitotic kinase auto-phosphorylate, and how this signal is sensed by the cell to prevent chromosome mis-segregation, an important contributing factor of tumorigenesis. Later, in his postdoctoral research work, Dr. Guo developed an assay, aiming to screen for compounds specifically targeting induced-aneuploidy cells, in order to discover novel drugs with better specificity towards cancer cells. Recently, he applied live imaging techniques in the mitosis research field to investigating lymphoma, and discovered novel drug mechanism with collaborators at Columbia University. Dr. Guo received his Ph.D. degree from Columbia University in 2013, and his bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from Peking University in 2007 with honor.

Research Interest

Cell cycle
Chromosome segregation
Mitotic checkpoint
Aneuploidy and tumorigenesis