Xinkun Wang

Xinkun Wang

Xinkun Wang
Higuchi Biosciences Center
he University of Kansas Genomics Facility, USA


Dr. Xinkun Wang Ph.D. Candidate from Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK. In 2003-2007Research Associate, Center for Neurobiology and Immunology Research, Higuchi Biosciences Center, The University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS.  From 2002/2007-present, Assistant Research Professor, Higuchi Biosciences Center, The University of Kansas.
Dr. Wang is a genomicist specializing in genomics technologies, data mining and systems biology. As a well-trained genome biologist, he is a long-term practitioner of modern genomics technologies. His research interests in the "soft" side of genomics include gene network construction, high-throughput genomics data mining, and genome-level information encoding. Because of the multidisciplinary nature of genomics studies, Dr. Wang has been in collaboration with scientists in computer science, statistics and bioinformatics.

Research Interest

 With regard to bioenergetics, my interest is in studying how mitochondria dysfunction due to aging or other adverse conditions, on the levels of mitochondrial DNA damage and mutation, mitochondrial genome heteroplasmy, and changes of nuclear genome-encoded mitochondrion-targeted proteins.