Xin Guo

Xin Guo

Xin Guo
Associate Professor, Thomas J Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
University of the Pacific, USA


XinGuo obtained his B.S. Degree in Medicinal Chemistry in Shanghai Medical University (now Fudan University). He obtained his M.S. Degree in Medicinal Chemistry in School of Pharmacy, DuquesneUniversity, and then his Ph.D. Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry under the guidance of Professor Francis C. Szoka at University of California, San Francisco. XinGuo is now an Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. His research crosses disciplines of Pharmaceutics and Medicinal Chemistry and is focused on developing novel nanoparticulate drug/gene delivery systems such as liposomes. He leads an active research group funded by NIH, NSF and American Chemical Society. He has research and teaching collaborations with scientists from both the academia (University of the Pacific, UCSF, Buck Institute of Age Research) and the industry (Genentech) in the Bay Area.

Research Interest

• Drug delivery and drug targeting using liposomes and other nanoparticulates; • Delivery of biomacromolecules including DNA, siRNA and proteins using      liposomes
• pH-Sensitive and other bio-responsive liposomes