Thomas Maskow

Thomas Maskow

Thomas Maskow, PhD
Biothermodynamics, Department Environmental Microbiology, Centre of Environmental Research Leipzig-Halle


Dr. Thomas Maskow did his PhD from University of Halle-Wittenberg in Thermodynamics of complex multicomponent mixtures in 1992. Guest researcher for one month per year at China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, Hubei province, P.R. China (founded by DAAD/CSC). Energetics of biofilmscuurent research inBiothermodynamic models for complex networks in metabolism (system biology) as well as in ecosystems. Development of thermal bio-chip technologies. Research on new control strategies for bioprocesses basing on physical signals which reflects metabolic changes in statu nascendi,e.g. calorimetry, impedance spectroscopy and redox processes.Extremophiles as source and producers of valuable products (main focus: protector molecules like compatible solutes).

Research Interest

I am dealing with Biocalorimetry and Ecothermodynamics. Thermodynamics as a method to describe conditions and processes of complex systems offers an excellent supplement to kinetic and stoichiometric approaches, experience and intuition by well-founded scientific rules. Unfortunately, thermodynamics in ecosystems as well as in biotechnology is despite of its potential rather seldom applied.
Therefore, my group applies, develops and validates thermodynamic rules with the aims:
i) to deepen insights into complex networks of both ecosystems (Microbial Ecology) and metabolisms (Biothermodynamics),
ii)  to predict and to control the functional biodiversity (Ecological Microbiology),
iii) to develop ultra-sensitive real time sensors for ecosystems and biotechnology (Biocalorimetry and Impedance spectroscopy), and
iv) to analyse and to control complex bioprocesses in larger scale (Bioprocess control).