Subhradip Karmakar

Subhradip Karmakar

Subhradip Karmakar,  PhD
Senior Scientist, Department of Medicine, Section of Hem Oncology
University of Chicago, USA


Dr Subhradip karmakars career focuses on hematology and cancer biology using genomics and proteomic tools. The overarching goal of his work is to translate findings from labs to clinical utility and improve treatment initiatives. His  findings has a direct clinical application in management of sickle cells disease and beta thalassemia . Hewas appointed to take charge of the human ENCODE project at the University of Chicago. Human ENCODE is a NHGRI funded consortium project that is collaborated between several institutions and  headed the project at the Chicago systems biology center. Using next generation sequencing platforms he mapped the genome wide binding of transcription factors by chromatin. He has published in top level journals like Nature, EMBO, Blood, Genome Research.

Research Interest

 Systems Biology Genomics,  Cancer Biology, Proteomics and next generation sequencing,  Molecular Cell Biology, Immunology,  Reproductive Biology