Stephen R Baker

Stephen R Baker

Stephen R Baker
Professor, Department of Radiology, New Jersey Medical School


Committee of Interns & Residents of NY, (Member)1970-1971
(Vice President) 1971-1972  (President) 1972-1973
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) 1977-1987
Radiological Society of North America 1980-present
Refresher Course Committee, (Member) 1986-1990
Scientific Program Committee (Member) 1996-2001
American College of Radiology – See Section 12A    1981-present
New York State Radiological Society (Delegate)      
The Association of University Radiologists 1982-present
Board of Directors 2004 – present Development Committee 2004 – presentProgram Planning Committee 2004 – present
Society of Chairman of Academic Radiology Departments (SCARD) 1986-present               
Education and Training Committee 1996-present
Councilor 2001-2004
SCARD Delegate to the National Council for Radiation
Protection and Measurement (NRCP)) 2001 - present
Originator and Chairman, Program for New Chairs 2001 – present
President-Elect 2004-2006
President 2006-2008
Past President 2008-2010
Delegate to the Academy of Radiology Research 2003-2006
Board of Directors 2001-2010
Nominating Committee Member 2004-present
Nominating Committee Chair 2009
Program Committee 2004-2010
Rules Committee 2004-2010
Society of Urban Physicians 1989-1990
(President) 1990
New Jersey Radiological Society    1990-present
American Society of Emergency Radiology 1990-present
Program Committee 1991-present
Program Committee (Chairman) 1992
Fellow 1992-1993
(President-Elect) 1993-1994
(President) 1994-1995
Imaging Symposium (Coordinator and Director) 1995
Executive Committee 1995-2006
Continuing Education Committee (Chairman) 1995-2006
CME Liaison 1994-2006
Liaison to ACR    1995-2000
Councilor to ACR 1997-2005
Alternate Councilor ACR 2002-2006
Strategic Planning Committee 1998-2006
Membership Committee 1999-2006
International Member Subcommittee 1999-2006
Historian 2000-2005
Editorial Committee Chairman 2001-2006
Society of Gastrointestinal Radiologists 1992-present
Association of Program Directors in Radiology 1993-present
(Faculty Development Committee)    1999-present
Radiology Summit, A.K.A. Inter Society Commission 1993-1999, 2007

Research Interest

Medicolegal Issues
Radiology Management
Radiology Consultation
Plain Abdominal Radiology
Diverticulosis and related diseases
Mammography utilization
Medical Geography
Resident Education