Ran Ito

Ran Ito

Ran Ito
Department of Plastic Surgery, MD Anderson Cancer Center
University of Texas, USA


Ran Ito, MD, is a research fellow of MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Tex, USA. Ito graduated from Yamaguchi University, School of Medicine, Japan. She received her medical training in plastic surgery from Kyoto University Hospital, Wakayama Red Cross Hospital, Shimane Prefectural Central Hospital, and Kyowa Hospital, Japan. She has been working on hand surgery, microsurgery and breast reconstruction in clinic and researching wound healing and adipose tissue regeneration using biodegradable collagen-gelatin scaffolds sustained release of growth factors. Her research showed that controlled release of growth factors accelerates neovascularization. In USA, she is working on lymphatic cancer metastasis and lymphedema after surgery. She is a member of Member of International Confederation for Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS), JapanesePlasticSurgery, JapaneseWoundHealing, JapaneseBreastSurgery, JapaneseMaxillofacial Surgery and JapaneseSkinTumor Surgery.

Research Interest

Mapping Superficial Lymphatic Territories in the Pig.
Adipogenesis Using Human Adipose Tissue-Derived Cells Combined with Collagen/Gelatin Scaffold Impregnated with Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor.
Efficacy of Platelet Lysate Using Collagen/Gelatin Scaffold for Skin Wound Healing