Paola Grammatico

Paola Grammatico

Paola Grammatico
Associated Professor, Medical Genetics Laboratory
University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy


Dr. Paola Grammatico is Director of Medical Genetics Laboratory at University La Sapienza. She is also serving as President of the Ethical Committee of S. Camillo- Forlanini Hospital. She is an expert delegate of Italian Society of Human Genetics for the Italian Interregional Coordination for Rare Diseases. She had been Board Member of Italian Association of Medical Cytogenetics. She has received PhD in Medical Genetics at University of Rome La Sapienza. She has been registered as Italian Professional Biologist since 1984. She has authored more than 150 research articles in international journals. She had been member of Associazione Italiana di Genetica Medica from 1985 to 1998; Associazione Italiana di Citogenetica Medica from 1986 to 1998; European Society for Pigment Cell Research from 1989 to 2002. She is an active member of European Federation for Immunogenetics since 2009.

Research Interest

• Cancer genetics with particular interest in cutaneous familial/multiple melanoma, inherited breast and colon cancer
• Molecular mechanisms involved in Sexual defects diseases
• Cytogenetics and prenatal diagnosis
• Contribution to rare diseases characterization and syndromic diseases
• Hereditary hemochromatosis and Iron overload Connective tissues defects