Marta Dossena

Marta Dossena

Marta Dossena
Executive Editor
Cellular Neurobiology Laboratory


Dr. Marta Dossena is currently researcher in  Cellular Neurobiology Laboratory, Italy, continuing research in the specialized scientific area of Cell cultures. Dr. Marta Dossena is serving as an honorary Editor for Journal of Biomolecular Research & Therapeutics.

Research Interest

Cell cultures, Western Blotting, Genetic Modification of eukaryotic cells using transfection and transduction protocols (lentivirus, retrovirus, electroporation, liposomes, CaPO4), Bacterial transformation, Plasmid growth and selection, RNA and DNA purification and manipulation, PCR and Real Time PCR, Viability and cell death analysis, Immunoprecipitation techniques, Optic, fluorescence microscopy, Histochemical techniques, Quantitation assays of biochemical activities, Animals manipulation to performe in vivo experiments.