Marco van den Berg

Marco van den Berg

Marco van den Berg
Applied Biochemistry & Screening DSM Food Specialist
Leidin University, Netherlands


Marco van den Berg (born 26-02-1969, Dutch nationality) studied Biology at Leiden University. He obtained his PhD on the characterization of the PDH bypass in the baker′s yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, involving genetic and physiological studies. Since 1996 he is working at DSM in different positions, in the field of strain and process improvement for Biotechnology. For 15 years he is working with filamentous fungi and yeasts in the field of metabolic pathway engineering, classical mutagenesis and screening for the production of pharmaceuticals, enzymes and cosmetics. Some of his main achievements are the DSM genomic projects, the development of fermentation processes for novel compounds and the development of new toolboxes. He is the (co-)author of >40 scientific papers and inventor on >30 patent applications. His current position is Principal Scientist Applied Biochemistry and Screening at DSM.

Research Interest

Fermentation process
Metabolic pathway engineering
Classical mutagenesis
Screening for the production of pharmaceuticals
Enzymes and cosmetics