Magdalena Labieniec-Watala

Magdalena Labieniec-Watala

Magdalena Labieniec-Watala
Assistant Professor, Department of Thermobiology
University of Lodz, Lodz, Poland


Magdalena Labieniec-Watalais the Assistant Professor at the University of Lodz, Poland. She has received her PhD in 2006 in the discipline of biology. Labieniec-Watala’s work is dedicated to the study of PAMAM dendrimers, aminoguanidine derivatives and plan extractsas anti-diabetic agents in the animal model of experimental diabetes. Her special interests concern the studies of mitochondrial functionincluding their bioenergeticstatus. She has been involved with mitochondria measurements in the health as well as in the disease conditions (diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, cancer, diseases of the nervous system). Labieniec-Watala is over 30 publications.

Research Interest

PAMAM dendrimers as modulators of nonenzymatic modifications of biomacromolecules
Effects of selected PAMAM dendrimers on reducing the complications of diabetes
Role of pharmaceutical agents (PAMAM dendrimers, RAG, gliclazide) in preventing of mitochondria against excess of calcium ions;
Pharmaceutical agents (RAG, gliclazide, PAMAM dendrimers) used for prevention ofdiabetes complications
Molecular mechanisms of mitochondria functionality in diabetes complications as well as in healthy subjects
Cardioprotective compounds of herbal origin
Animal models of experimental diabetes and diabetic complications
Pharmacological regulation of mitochondrial respiration
Experimental design and statistical analysis
Methodology of scientific research