Luiz Carlos de Mattos

Luiz Carlos de Mattos

Luiz Carlos de Mattos
Professor, Department of Molecular Biology, Immunogenetic Laboratory


Luiz Carlos de Mattos has a Bachelor, Master and Doctor in Biological Sciences (Genetics) by the Institute of Biosciences, Language and Science - IBILCE - UNESP and Postdoctoral Biotechnology Research Centre at the Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. He is Professor, Department of Molecular Biology and Professor and Advisor of the Postgraduate Course in Health Sciences FAMERP. Currently holds the office of Chief of the Department of Immunology, the Deputy Head of the Department of Molecular Biology and Technical Director of the Laboratory of Molecular Immunogenetics Blood Center of Sao Jose do Rio Preto.

Research Interest

Immunogenetics of Histo-blood systems ABO, Lewis, and secretory status.
Our research group works on different aspects of histo-blood systems ABO, Lewis and Secretory status of ABH-Glycoconjugates and their relation to infectious diseases, Parasitic and others. The topics of our interest are: Analysis of histoblood systems ABO, Lewis and Secretory status in tissues and secretions, the profiles of glycoconjugates ABH--Lewis and their relationship to infectious and parasitic diseases; FUT1 gene polymorphisms (19q13. 3), FUT2 (region 19q13.3), FUT3 (19p13.3) and ABO (9q34.1) as markers of susceptibility to diseases, the isolation and characterization of immunochemical glycolipid ABH-Lewis and their applications in studies of adhesion of microorganisms.