Lichun Sun

Lichun Sun

Lichun Sun
Executive Editor
Professor of Medicine
Tulane University Health Sciences Center, USA


Dr. Lichun Sun was born in 1963. He received his B.S. degree (Microbiology) in 1987 and M.S. degree (Biochemistry) in 1990 from Xiamen University of China. e had worked in Bio-tech companies for years. In 1996, Dr. Sun got in the graduate program of Fudan University and in 1999 received his Ph.D. degree (Molecular Biology).
Dr. Sun came to Tulane University Health Sciences Center (TUHSC) in 1999 and served as a faculty member in the Department of Medicine. He was approved as an assistant professor in 2003, an associated professor in 2007 and a full professor in 2012. In TUHSC, Dr. Lichun Sun has been focusing on drug development (small molecule synthetic chemical compounds and short synthetic peptides) and drug-delivery system. He and his co-workers found some novel synthetic chemical molecules and receptor-specific peptides that might possibly be applied in treating cancer, organ transplant and other diseases.

Research Interest

Dr. Lichun Sun focuses on the drug R&D of synthetic chemical molecules, synthetic agonists and antagonists, drug-releasing system, drug-delivery system and GPCR-targeted cytotoxic peptide conjugates. Besides, Dr. Sun also puts his interests in studying the signaling pathway and mechanism of these novel drug candidates in cancers, cancer stem cells, tumor angiogenesis, tumor metastasis, cancer cell, transformation/differentiation, auto-immune diseases etc.