Kuo-Ching Sheng

Kuo-Ching Sheng

Kuo-Ching Sheng
Research fellow
Griffith University, Australia


Kuo-Ching Sheng is currently a research fellow at Institute for Glycomics in Griffith University in Australia. He received his PhD in 2007 from the University of Melbourne in Australia and initially trained as a cellular immunologist in the area of cancer adjuvant and vaccines. He has now taken an interest in viral immunology, specialised in cellular interactions between immune cells and emerging viruses including arboviruses. He has published several papers, primarily in cellular and molecular immunology and hence has been serving as a peer reviewer for Journal of Immunology and other inflammation journals such as Mediators of Inflammation. His research interests encompass adjuvant development for cancer vaccines, cellular immunology, leukocyte membrane proteins and reactive oxygen species in inflammation and virus-host interactions, with a focus on immunobiology of dendritic cells and macrophages.

Research Interest

Adjuvant development for cancer vaccines
Cellular immunology
Leukocyte membrane proteins and reactive oxygen species in inflammation
Immunobiology of dendritic cells and macrophages