Jun Zhang

Jun Zhang

Jun Zhang, PhD
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA


Jun Zhang is a biophysicist with extensive experience in structural biology and biochemistry. interactions and allostery.  He pursueing post doctoral research in University of North Carolina, His doctoral research was focused on under-standing inter-domain allostery of PSD-95 (post-synapse density protein 95).
To this end, NMR paramagnetic relaxation enhancement, combined with small angle Xray scattering and Atomic Force Microscope was employed to build multi-domain structure of PSD-95. The allosteric regulation of PSD-95 by phosphorylation on Y397 in PDZ3 domain and peptide binding was also investigated. This research shed light on how peptide binding and phosphorylation modulate PSD-95 interdomain allostery.

Research Interest

Protein dynamics and protein structure
Protein folding and aggregation
Protein-RNA interaction
Multi-domain protein dynamics and supertertiary structure