Jun Ren

Jun Ren

Jun Ren
Division of Vascular Surgery, School of Medicine and Public Health Madison
University of Wisconsin, WI 53705-2275, USA


Being a young vascular biologist, I was trained in biochemistry, molecular biology and physiology. My major research for past several years has been focused on the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying vascular diseases and developing effective strategies to treat vascular diseases. Using a combination of molecular, biochemical and genetic approaches, we identified that protein kinase C-delta (PKCδ) is a critical stress mediator in vascular injury. My current research mainly focuses on how PKCδ regulates apoptosis of vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMC) and, on the other hand, mediates chemokine release. How injured VSMCs cross talk with adventitial cells, mediate cells differentiation and recruitment during neointima formation in vitro and in vivo. By collaborating with chemical engineers, I also put my effort to develop potent therapy against intimal hyperplasia.

Research Interest

Pathogenesis of restenosis
Chemokines involved intimal hyperplasia
Cross talk between VSMCs and adventitial cells
Endothelial progenitor cells
Gene therapy against intimal hyperplasia