Jongwha Chang

Jongwha Chang

Jongwha Chang, PhD
Assistant Professor, McWhorter School of Pharmacy
Samford University, USA


Dr. Chang has a strong interest in quantitative methodology in health services research. His research generally focuses on application of statistical/econometrics methodology in examining issues related to health care utilization, physician decision making, hospital management, health policy evaluation, effectiveness of medical care delivery (pharmaceutical care), and pharmaceutical outcomes in diseases. In particular, he has a strong disease-specific research interest in outcomes evaluation in chronic diseases (i.e. asthma, diabetes, and cancer), and the study of economic outcomes (healthcare cost analysis) related with pharmacotherapy. Dr. Chang has led and participated in several research projects in the areas of health outcomes, healthcare management, patient-centered medical home, physician-prescribing behaviors and pharmaceutical health services research.

Research Interest

Health Outcomes
Healthcare Management
Quantitative Health Service Research
Patient-Centered Medical Home
Integrated Delivery System