John S Anagnostopoulos

John S Anagnostopoulos

John S Anagnostopoulos
School of Mechanical Engineering
National Technical University of Athens, Greece


John S. Anagnostopoulos graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, and received his Ph.D. in Computational Fluid Mechanics from the same University in 1991. He worked for several years as research scientist in the NTUA and as R&T consultant in the private sector, where he has been involved in feasibility studies for various industrial innovations. He has participated in many research projects and developed several computer codes for the simulation of various fluid mechanisms in industrial applications (pulverized coal combustion, fouling, coal grinding, liquid fuel spray aerodynamics, electrostatic precipitation, atmospheric flows and pollutant dispersion, pollutant formation and photochemical kinetics, pulsating flows, steel continuous casting, metal thermal spraying, mechanical erosion wear, flow in centrifugal pumps and impulse hydro turbines), as well as for modelling and optimum design and operation of hydroelectric and hybrid (RES-pumped storage) energy systems. He is currently Assistant Professor in Hydraulic Turbomachines at the School of Mechanical Engineering, NTUA.

Research Interest

- Flow analysis and hydrodynamic design optimization in hydraulic turbomachinery, with Eulerian and Lagrangian techniques
- Diagnostics and troubleshooting in hydraulic turbomachinery
- Flow modelling and design in microfluidic systems and micropumps
- Optimal sizing and operation strategy of autonomous and integrated power production systems combining RES and pumped hydro storage