Jing Xue

Jing Xue

Jing Xue
Department of Medicine
Stanford University, Stanford, USA


Jing Xue currently a postdoctoral scholar in Department of Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology in Stanford University School of Medicine. She got PhD degree in Institute for Nutritional Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China. PhD training is mainly focused on NF-B and hypoxia signaling in tumor development, especially in colorectal cancer and small molecule targeted therapeutic on solid tumors. During that time, she has been published on several papers to Journals including Gastroenterology, Plos One, Cancer letters, and Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. Jing Xue current research is to study the immune response and molecular mechanisms during progression of pancreas disease, especially acute and chronic pancreatitis. She has identified AhR/IL-22 therapeutic functions on pancreatitis, which was published in Gastroenterology 2012. Moreover, she also interested in investigating the function of monocyte/macrophage, especially alternative activated macrophage, during pancreatitis and fibrosis development.

Research Interest

Hepatocellular carcinoma
Immune response and molecular mechanisms