Hirpa G Lemu

Hirpa G Lemu

Hirpa G Lemu
Associate Professor, Dept. of Mechanical & Structural Engineering and Material Technology
University of Stavanger, Norway


Dr. Hirpa G. Lemu is an associate professor of Mechanical Design Engineering at Dept. of Structural & Mechanical Engineering and Material Technology, University of Stavanger, Norway. He earned his MSc and PhD degrees within Computer-aided Design and Manufacturing from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in 1997 and 2002 respectively. His current research activities focus on simulation based design optimization, performance enhancement of energy conversion systems, applied mechanics, multi-body dynamics simulation, analysis of material anisotropy, modeling composite materials, morphing blade technology, material modeling/analysis, fluid-structure interaction and computational fluid dynamics simulations and simulation data management.
Dr. Lemu is author/co-author of over 50 peer-reviewed journal/conference papers, edited 1 scientific book and prepared teaching materials in mechanical design, finite element analysis, computer-aided technologies in engineering, 3D modeling and geometrical tolerances in design, manufacturing and product inspection. He is serving as a reviewer for many journals and conferences within mechanical engineering.

Research Interest

Simulation based design optimization of performance of energy conversion systems.
Applied mechanics in design of mechanical components.
Multi-body dynamics simulation of mechanisms.
Modeling and analysis of material anisotropy, advanced composite materials, etc.
Non-linear structural analysis of flexible wind turbine blade (morphing blade technology).
Material modeling and analysis using Finite Element Methods.
Fluid-structure interaction and computational fluid dynamics simulations.
Computer-aided systems in design, analysis and manufacturing (CAD/CAM/FEM = CAE).
Simulation data management