Giuseppe Caruso

Giuseppe Caruso

Giuseppe Caruso, MD
Professor, ENT Department
University of Siena, Italy


Giuseppe Caruso is a Medical Director at the ENT Unit University Hospital Siena Italy. Professor of ENT School of Medicine Siena University. He graduated in Medicine and Surgery Padua University 1979. He specialized in ENT in Padua University 1982. He is Author or coAuthor of nearly one hundred publications in national and international journals. He is on the National Board of SIOP Italian Society of Pediatric Otolaryngology. He is a cofounder of the Italian Academy of the Nasal Cytology AICNA.

Research Interest

Pediatric Rhinology Allergic and non-allergic rhinitis Primary and secondary ciliary dyskinesia Nasal cytology Surgery of nose and paranasal sinuses Nasal problems in the elderly.