Fulvio Braido

Fulvio Braido

Fulvio Braido, PhD
Professor, Allergy & Respiratory Diseases, DIMI-Department of Internal Medicine
University of Genoa, Italy


Fulvio Braido is the Head of Outpatient Clinics and Day Hospital Service at Allergy and Respiratory Disease Department University of GenoaSpecialist in Pulmonology and Allergology and Clinical ImmunologyProfessor of Respiratory Disease at the School of Medicine University of GenoaProfessor at the Speciality School of Respiratory Diseases of Genoa Professor for the teaching of Respiratory Diseases for the University of Genoa Course of Nursing European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Continuing Medical Education ChairHe is reviewer as an editorial board member of several reputed journals in the field of allergy and respiratory diseases

Research Interest

Ventilatory treatment of respiratory failure in neuromuscular, obstructive lung diseases and sleep apnoea. Patient- reported outcomes in allergic and respiratory diseases. Quality of Life research. Continuing Medical Education.