Eriko Kobayashi

Eriko Kobayashi

Eriko Kobayashi, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical Education and Research
Chiba University, Japan


Dr. Eriko Kobayashi Ph.D. is the Assistant Professor in School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chiba University, Japan and a registered pharmacist. She earned her Ph.D. degree at Chiba University, Japan, her MPH at Johns Hopkins University, USA and her MBA at Tsukuba University, Japan. From 1996-2007, she worked at the Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare Japan, concerning research and development, new drugs/devices review, drugs and medical devices safety. She has published 10 original and reviewed papers in recent 3 years and was an author of 3 book chapters.

Research Interest

1)    Pharmacogenomics, Application of pharmacogenomics in personalized medicine
2)    New Drug Development, Drug Safety, Pharmacoepidemiology
3)    Drug/Medical Device regulation, Health Policy