Dillip K Mohanty

Dillip K Mohanty

Dillip K Mohanty
Professor, Department of Chemistry
Central Michigan University, USA


Professor Dillip Mohanty received his MSc. in Chemistry from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India. He joined Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, where he worked on the total synthesis of adriamycin with Professor Francis Johnson. To pursue his Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry, he moved to Virginia Tech and completed his degree in 1983 under the supervision of Professor James McGrath. After brief stint as a senior chemist, and four patents, at Air Products, Allentown, Pennsylvania, he came back to academia as a post-doctoral associate with Ph. D. advisor. In 1988, he joined Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, Michigan as an assistant professor in Chemistry, where he now serves as a professor of Chemistry. His research interests include syntheses of dendrimers, polydendrons, removal of heavy metals from water and flue gas generated in coal-fired power plants, nitric oxide releasing materials. He has authored or coauthored over eighty publications and thirteen patents.

Research Interest

Synthesis and Characterization of:
i) Cores for Dendrimers
ii) Hyperbranched Polymers
iii) Polymers for Controlled Release of Pharmaceuticals
iv) Polymeric Scavengers for Heavy Metal Contaminant
v) Nanoamphiphiles
vi) Slow, Sustained and Rate-tunable Nitric Oxide Releasing Polymeric and Low Molecular Weight Materials