Claudia Fiorillo

Claudia Fiorillo

Claudia Fiorillo
Associate Professor, Department of Clinical Biochemistry
University of Florence, Italy


1992: graduation in Biological Sciences;
1996:post-graduate specialization in Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry; 2000: PhD. 2000: appointed University Researcher in Clinical Biochemistry (BIO12) at the University of Florence, Faculty of Medicine.
2015: won a competition for Associate Professor in Clinical Biochemistry (BIO12) at the University of Florence.
Teaching activity: Clinical Biochemistry in the graduate Medical School, in the Postgraduate School of Clinical Biochemistry, in the Nurses School, in the Biology and in the Biotechnology Schools at the University of Florence.

Research Interest

Molecular pathways evoked by redox signaling in dermatologic diseases (vitiligo and psoriasis)
Development of new tools for oxidative stress measure in biological fluids and setting up of new antioxidant mixtures
Alterations in fibrinogen function elicited by its post-translational oxidative modification
Molecular basis of the toxicity of protein aggregates in various cell types. She partecipated to several national and international research programs. She is a member of the Società Italiana di Biochimica clinica e Biologia molecolare clinica (SIBioC), of the Società Italiana di Biochimica (SIB) and of the Società Italiana per lo studio dell'emostasi e della trombosi (SISET).