Asim K Duttaroy

Asim K Duttaroy

Asim K Duttaroy
Professor, Faculty of Medicine
University of Oslo, Norway


Professor Asim K. Duttaroy is a Faculty, MD-Ph.D. Programme(1987-89), Clinical Instructor (1985-87) from Wright State University. Senior Health Research Scientist(1987-89) from VA Medical Centre, Ohio, USA. Professor (2001-present) Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo. His scientific work has
been published in over 175 original contributions, reviews, book, book chapters, and editorials. He own several international patents.Discovery of anti-thrombotic factors in tomatoes (Fruitflow™) has been patented internationally, and DSM is now commercializing the product worldwide.Fruitflow™ became the first product in Europe to obtain an approved positive health claim under Article 13.5 of the European Food Safety Authority regulations.

Research Interest

Asim K. Duttaroy research is focused on the role of dietary components on growth and development and prevention of diseases. We are also investigating the roles and accretion mechanisms of DHA and ARA to the fetus in order to improve feto-maternal DHA status not only inuncomplicated pregnancies but also in disorders associated with poor DHA status, such as gestational diabetes mellitus or intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) as well as premature babies. In addition, the anti-thrombotic properties of fruits and vegetables are
being investigated using in vitro and ex vivo systems.