Andrea Peano

Andrea Peano

Andrea Peano, DVM, PhD
Assistant professor, Department of Veterinary Sciences
University of Turin, Italy


Employment History

2006-present, Researcher at the Department of Veterinary Sciences, University of Turin; Fully engaged with team members to achieve the highest levels of productivity in the field of research on fungal and parasitic diseases of animals and humans; Responsible for different research projects, financed by public and private institutions, on themes concerned with fungal diseases (study of the dynamics of transmission of dermatophyte fungi from animals to humans through molecular methods, analysis of possible resistance phenomena in yeasts infecting animals, study of the pathogenesis of fungal infections in animals); Head of the mycology diagnostic laboratory of his department;  Author and co-author of several articles in national and international journals and presentations at national and international congresses; Engaged with numerous teaching activities within the degree course in Veterinary Medicine (School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Turin University) and the occasion of training courses organized by cultural and professional associations (the Italian Society for Veterinary Dermatology; the Italian Society of Small Animal Practitioners, the Veterinary Working Group of the International Society for Human and Animal Mycology)


Degree in Veterinary Medicine (February 1999, University of Turin, Italy). - PhD in Epizoology, Epidemiology and Chemotherapy of Parasitic Diseases (March 2003, University of Turin, Italy). - Course in Medical Mycology at Pasteur Institute of Paris, France (2003).

Research Interest

Veterinary Sciences, specializing in fungal and parasitic infections