Amedeo Amedei

Amedeo Amedei

Amedeo Amedei
Department of Internal Medicine
University of Florence, Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Careggi, Italy


Amedeo Amedei is a researcher of Department of Internal Medicine (University of Florence - Italy). He has received a PhD in Experimental and Clinical Medicine from the Florence University, Italy in, 2003. He has completed his B.A in Biological Science in Florence University, Italy, (1996). He is teacher at the University of Florence in different courses: Immunology, General Pathology and Immunology, Immunology and Immunohematology, Immunology and Immunological Techniques. Component of the teaching Ph.D. in Clinical and Experimental Medicine, in the Federated School of Allergy and Clinical Immunology of the Florence Faculty of Medicine and in the international Erasmus course on "Oncology" (2006, 2007). He is serving as an editorial board member of 5 reputed journals and reviewer of 6 journals.(Number of publications: 58 with Total I.F. : 324.736, Average I. F. : 5.599 and 3 book chapters)

Research Interest

1) Role of immune response versus Helicobacter pylori on pathogenesis diseases correlate with human bacterium infection: ulcer-gastritis, gastric cancer and MALT-lymphoma.
2) Physiopathology of Primitive and Secondary Immunodeficiencies. 3) Analysis of T specific lymphocytes versus Mycobacterium Tuberculosis peptides.
3) Infectious agents and specific immune T response on the genesis of atherosclerotic plaques.
4) Correlation between bacteria and autoimmune diseases (concept of molecular mimicry).
5) Immune-Adjuvant / Immunemodulator effects of microorganism elements. 6) Analysis of proteins able to modulate mRNA of BCL2 gene.
7) Role of hERG1 K+ channels in the tumorigenesis
8) Characterization of immune T response specific to cancer antigens in patients with digestive system cancers
9) Analysis of cancer microenvironment