Alastair Wilkins

Alastair Wilkins

Alastair Wilkins
Senior Lecturer Neurology, Consultant Neurologist
University of Bristol, Bristol, UK


Alastair Wilkins is Senior Lecturer in Neurology, University of Bristol and Head of Neurology, Frenchay Hospital, Bristol, UK. He received a PhD in Clinical Neuroscience from the University of Cambridge in 2003. He has completed his B.A in Medical Sciences and MB BChir from the University of Cambridge in 1993. He is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (UK). He has published more than 40 articles, including reviews and book chapters. His Current  research projects includes role of the peroxisome in axonal degeneration and progressive MS, developing a model of secondary progressive MS (taiep rat), degenerative ataxias and the potential for stem cell neuroprotection, developing Growth factor therapies for progressive multiple sclerosis, analysis of VLCFAs in serum of patients with multiple sclerosis, analysis of Reactive Oxygen Species in Multiple Sclerosis cerebrospinal fluid, local investigator for the analysis of genetic factors in multiple sclerosis (PI: Prof Alastair Compston, University of Cambridge)

Research Interest

Multiple sclerosis
Neurobiology of axon degeneration
Applications of neuroreparative stem cell therapies.