Adel W Ekladious

Adel W Ekladious

Adel W Ekladious, PhD
Executive Editor
Professor, university of western Australia
Alexandria University, Australia
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Adel Ekladious is a well known physician with in the field of General Medicine. During 2006 to till date, he has been working as associate professor. He is also a ongoing member of the editorial board of many journals, director of Medical education in Redland Hospital, also worked as Chairperson of the drugs and therapeutic committee in Swan districts hospital. He is also nominated as excellance of teaching in royal perth hosiptal and university if western australia.

Research Interest

His research interest majorly covers hepatology topics like chronic hepatitis, Hepatitis B and C, Anti viral therapy, Intracranial Septic Emboli and Hemorrhage, Abdominal Abscess, embolisation, immunocompetent patient, Hepatic Hydrothorax, Copper Deficiency and Iatrogenic Neurological Complications With Zinc Therapy, Lymphangioleiomyomatosis and many more.