Adel Ibrahim Tanios

Adel Ibrahim Tanios

Adel Ibrahim Tanios
Chief Researcher, Department of Microbiology
Cairo University, Egypt


Prof. Dr. Adel Tanios is a chief Researcher of Microbiology, Animal Health Research institute, Egypt. Over 30 years of experience in Bacteriology especially infectious and zoonotic diseases, he shared and supervised over than 30 Master and Ph.D Thesis in Veterinary Medical sciences and more than 40 scientific publications in animal and public health. Dr. Adel Tanios has shared in national and international programs and projects. He joined many international workshop especially in Africa, in addition to scientific activities with USDA, ARS. In Africa and Egypt, he contributed in community services and cultural development. In the field of epizootic diseases and avian flu, he designed many scientific publications and International presentation. Dr. Adel Tanios acquired an international expertise in Knowledge Management as a Team Leader of Knowledge Management in African Union Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources. He provided strategic management and leadership to ensure high-quality outputs, outcomes and impacts through effective management of diverse, inter-disciplinary teams and partnerships which may be geographically distributed and will invariably involve multiple partner organizations. As a senior member of IBAR, he contributed to the overall management and direction of IBAR operations including Pan African Animal Health. In addition to microbiology, he has a strong academic background in Information Technology including two Masters from Microsoft and official Microsoft Trainer since 2004. He created many centralized Data Base and information systems. He has obtained many scientific awards especially from Minister of Agriculture and African Union Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources as a good scientist and promote Livestock development in the African Continent.

Research Interest

Veterinary Public Health.
Food borne-pathogens.
Special reference to Salmonella, E. coli and Yersinia enterocolitica.
Epizootic diseases and biostatistics.
Microbial Culture Collection.