Sandhya Bhatt

Department of Psychology, Amity University, Noida, India

  • Research Article   
    Helicopter Parenting, Self-Efficacy and Academic Performance among College Students
    Author(s): Aouz Akhtar Khan and Sandhya Bhatt*

    Helicopter parenting is over parenting by over protective parents. The parents hover around their children just as one feels the helicopter all around when it is flying in the neighborhood. In this particular parenting style the parent aims to control all the activities of the child ranging from homework, friends to web surfing. They are not just involved but also the decision maker or being the one who is influencing the decision. It is like spoon-feeding where the child is provided with readymade answers for different situations coming across his way. The child is not allowed any occasion to rake up his brains, intelligence and genius to develop his own coping skills. The child becomes a weak decision maker lacking in confidence. All this leads to cognitive, emotional and physical setback to a child’s development and his self-efficacy. One dimension of sel.. View more»

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