Herman Maria

Department of Health and Kinesiology, University of Hamburg, Berlin, Germany

  • Commentary   
    Bronchial Adenoma: An Unusal Cause of Symp toms in Children
    Author(s): Herman Maria*

    Although number of tracheobronchial tumours are extraordinarily uncommon in children, recurrent respiration signs resistant to standard remedy require in addition investigations to exclude viable malignant obstructive causes. As the problem of fact, early analysis can also additionally permit minimally invasive surgeries, enhancing the usual of dwelling and the globally survival rate. The intention of this newsletter is to offer an outline of analysis and control of tracheobronchial tumours with inside the early age, in view that simplest few reviews are pronounced withinside the global literature. .. View more»

    DOI: 10.35248/2375-4273.22.10.271

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