Zaugg B


 Dr. Zaugg began private practice upon graduation in May, 1999 when he received a Doctorate of Medical Dentistry (DMD) from the University of Louisville. He received a Bachelors Degree form Weber State University in 1995. As a student, he excelled in both clinical and academic training. He was well known for his exceptional technical and diagnostic skills by fellow students and faculty. During his junior and senior years, he was able to provide both leadership and service as a class officer. Dr. Zaugg married Amber Adams (4th daughter of Dr. Adams) in December, 1992. They have two lovely red headed children: Chandler (1996) and Emma (1999). They make their home in Uintah. Patients of Dr. Zaugg comment on his ability to handle even the most difficult situations with skill and sensitivity. He helps them feel comfortable and welcome in the office. They appreciate his gentle touch and feel of his caring nature.

Research Interest

 Periodontitis; Scaling; Debridement; Non-surgical, Dental Hygienist, Preventive dentistry, Implants