Gaurav Kumar Bhardwaj

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    Recent Advancements in Corneal Ectatic Conditions and Their Management: A Mini Review

    Author(s): Zeeshan Akhtar, Gaurav Kumar Bhardwaj and Phani Krishna AthreyaZeeshan Akhtar, Gaurav Kumar Bhardwaj and Phani Krishna Athreya

    Background: Recent advancements in the corneal diagnostics have helped us a lot in effective management of ectatic conditions of the cornea. This article gives a brief overview about the developments in management and various ways of vision rehabilitation for the condition of corneal ectasia. Methods: After reviewing several studies in the field of ophthalmology and optometry, we tried to understand the various techniques and management plans for improving vision in the ectatic corneal conditions effectively and to update them in this article. Conclusion: During recent years, there are various combination strategies which can be combined to give a productive outcome to these patients who are suffering with ectasia disorders. Procedures like C3R or DALK in conjunction with contact lens can help us achieve better visual ou.. View More»