When the Clinical Presentation could be Deceiving: A Rare Case of Abscess of the Psoas Muscle

Diana Isabel dos Reis Barradas Coutinho, Sandra Ganchinho Lucas, Diogo Dias and Filipe Jorge Pencas Alfaiate

The psoas muscle abscess is a rare condition characterized by a varied clinical presentation and a diversity of etiologies. The exact incidence is unknown, but it is likely that an increase on the number of cases has been happening during the last few years. There is a lack of evidence in what respects to the etiology, clinical presentation, investigation and the rapeutical approach. The gold standard for diagnosis is the computed tomography or CT scan. In this article the author reports a clinical case of a patient who had a left kidney nephrectomy ten years before the presentation and who developed an ipsilateral abscess of the psoas muscle.

Published Date: 2021-11-11; Received Date: 2021-10-20