The Use of Large-Diameter Braided Stents in TEVAR for a Patient with Complicated Chronic Type B Aortic Dissection

Ziheng Wu, Liang Xu, Jun Bai and Lefeng Qu

Purpose: To describe the use of large-diameter braided stents in thoracic endovascular aortic repair for a patient with complicated chronic type B aortic dissection.

Methods and Results: A 63-year-old male with complicated chronic type B aortic dissection was admitted in our hospital. Computed tomography angiography showed dissection extending from the aortic arch to the left iliac artery and an expanding false lumen in the descending aorta. The corresponding true lumen collapsed. He was successfully treated using a combination of distal large-diameter braided stents and a proximal stent graft. Computed tomography angiography at the 6-month follow-up showed effective remodeling of the true lumen, complete false lumen thrombosis, and shrinkage of the false lumen.

Conclusion: The big-diameter braided stents could be safe and effective in endovascular therapy for such patients with complicated chronic type B aortic dissection.