The Principles of Management Culture

Dzhamal ZM

Problems of management occupy humankind’s minds since the formation of societies and states. They turned into central points of political science in periods of transition from absolutist to republican order and subsequent waves of the democratic revolutions. What are the governments’ goals, forms and levels of administration, and the best ways of their organization? - Here are the questions that faced the first champions of democracy. Since different political regimes with their adherents and opponents coexist in the world at the same time, the answers to these questions sound differently. For a long time, they were determined, especially in the countries with authoritarian regimes, from state-centrist positions, which had to promote the further strengthening of statehood at the expense of the power of societies and their members. The vocation of the managements’ systems depends from the governments forms. In this article the purposes and vocation of the management systems, as well as their activity’s effectiveness are considered from society and human centrist view on all socio-political and spiritual processes of life, and a state is understanding as the only one of the many thousands institutions of people, each of which is designed to serve them, solving specific tasks.