Eco-Friendly use of Solanum tuberosum L. in Quantitative Analysis Involving Redox Reactions-An Attempt towards Fuel Saving and Pollution Control

M. T. Bachute, M. S. Utpat and S. S. Kale

Lipoxygenase from potato tuber is reported to be used for oxidation of fatty acids and fatty alcohols. Potassium permanganate was standardised by titrating against standard solution of oxalic acid in the presence of potato tuber pieces (solanum tuberosum L), without heating, and with minimum quantity of sulphuric acid. Results were in good agreement with those obtained by the literature procedure involving no use of potato tuber. The standardized KMnO4 was used for the estimation of sodium nitrite and potassium nitrite in the presence of potato tuber. Percentage purity of manganous sulphate in terms of manganese was also determined by titrating against standardized potassium permanganate in the presence of potato tuber. Methodology is eco-friendly.