Optimizing Oral Controlled Release Drug Delivery Systems Using Experimental Designs

Sahilhusen I Jethara and Mukesh R Patel

The number of literature reports on the use of design of experiments optimization in development of drug delivery technology has been piling up steadily. This review article provides an updated bird’s eye view survey account on the publications and optimization techniques of different novel controlled release delivery designs for use in oral applications. Such systematic techniques find their use in every type of conventional dosage form and novel drug delivery system. The drug delivery devices investigated for optimization using various designs include oral controlled release tablet. The present manuscript deal with various steps involved in design of experiments optimization methodology using diverse experimental designs. It also deals with a variety of showing literature findings as well as the potential application of such design of experiments procedures on optimization of assorted drug delivery systems. Such an explicit and updated review on drug delivery optimization has not been published anywhere else in the recent past.