Justice for Women-Empowerment

Dhirendra Narayan Naik

In our society women enjoy a unique position and their contribution to the Social development and progress can never be denied. In almost all parts of the world their role in building the national character is significant. Their contribution to the society is manifold and they have got multifaceted personality as they play the role of mother, sister, wife and daughter during various stages of their life. In their role in various capacities they become a part of the society. In the modern age in this new millennium they have shown their excellence in almost all fields and their contribution in political, civil & overall growth of a country is widely appreciated and recognized and they have proved be more week and are equal with men. Despite all these, even today, a major chunk of women folk are deprives of the basic necessities of life and are being considered as a neglected segment of the society. They have become victim of the social set-up and sex-based discrimination continued to dominate the society ther by depriving them from all sort of facilities.