Is it Time for Cognitive Bioinformatics?

Lisitsa Andrey, Stewart Elizabeth and Kolker Eugene

The concept of cognitive bioinformatics has been proposed for structuring of knowledge in the field of molecular biology. While cognitive science is considered as “thinking about the process of thinking”, cognitive bioinformatics strives to capture the process of thought and analysis as applied to the challenging intersection of diverse fields such as biology, informatics, and computer science collectively known as bioinformatics. Ten years ago cognitive bioinformatics was introduced as a model of the analysis performed by scientists working with molecular biology and biomedical web resources. At present, the concept of cognitive bioinformatics can be examined in the context of the opportunities represented by the information “data deluge” of life sciences technologies. The unbalanced nature of accumulating information along with some challenges poses currently intractable problems for researchers. The solutions to these problems at the micro-and macro-levels are considered with regards to the role of cognitive approaches in the field of bioinformatics.