Inhibitory Effects of Cationic Hybrid Liposomes against Metastasis of Bile Duct Cancer In Vitro and In Vivo

Hideaki Ichihara* and Yoko Matsumoto

Cationic Hybrid Liposomes (CL), comprising 87 mol% Dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine (DMPC), 5 mol% polyoxyethylene(21) dodecyl ether (C12(EO)21), and 8 mol% O,O’-ditetradecanoyl-N-(α–trimethylammonioacetyl) diethanolamine chloride (2C14ECl), were prepared using the sonication method. A clear CL solution with a hydrodynamic diameter of 100 nm was maintained for 4 weeks. The inhibitory effects of CL on metastasis were obtained in human bile duct cancer (HuCCT-1) cells in vitro. The inhibitory effects of CL on HuCCT-1 cell migration using scratch assay were obtained. Furthermore, it was observed that CL significantly suppressed the invasion of HuCCT-1 cells and the formation of filopodia on the cell surface in vitro. The anti-invasive effects of CL on HuCCT-1 cells were attributed to the inhibition of MMP2 (Matrix Metalloproteinase-2). In vivo, therapeutic effects were demonstrated in a mouse model of peritoneal metastasis of HuCCT-1 cells following intraperitoneal injection of CL.

Published Date: 2024-03-07; Received Date: 2024-02-06