Historical Background of Gender Equality and Succession Right of Hindu Women’s Right of Property in Tamil Nadu. Intel Prop Rights

Selvaraj Narayanan

Woman has been the Centre of study from the ancient to the modern times. She has been branded as a mysterious creature as well as a devoted mother and self-sacrificing wife. Moreover, the economic status of women is considered to be a touchstone for the development of the society. A description of status, position and education of women of ancient India is incomplete without making any reference to Manu’s views. In the words of Manu Smiriti (about 200 BC) ‘woman is a perpetual minor and has to lead entire life under the guardianship of the father, the husband or the son’. The position of women in a given society can be understood properly through the agency of the different customs which the property rights have recognized and protected. Succession rights to women have taken them to heights and new consciousness. Primitive Age is the beginning stage of human culture. In the beginning man led a life like that of animals. Hunting animals was his only means of livelihood. Man had fought with other human beings and animals for food.