Factors Discriminating the Problem Perception Women Micro Entrepreneurs in Madurai, Ramnad and Dindigul Districts of Tamil Nadu: A Study

Selvaraj Narayanan

Socioeconomic developments as well as macroeconomic and financial sector stability are important components in ensuring an enabling environment for continued growth of overall economy as a whole and the micro finance industry in specific. Supporting micro enterprise is therefore necessary policy – socially & economically. When the Self Help Group includes women members is named as Women Self Help Group. These social and economic barriers can be overcome, and the participation of women in the society and economy as equal partners is possible. This has been seen in the Tamilnadu Women’s Development Project, a fore-runner in the empowerment of women in the country through women SHGs. The groups, by their strong commitment, have successfully eradicated the arrack menace in many villages.

They have successfully campaigned against female infanticide, child marriages, dowry menace and other atrocities against women. The groups have successfully overcome the problem of the money-lenders’ usurious practices. Wherever SHGs are strong, moneylenders have even had to reduce their lending rates. The present study is undertaken to analyses the of profile variables on enterprise involvement of women entrepreneurs for Madurai, Ramnad and Dindigul districts of Tamil Nadu. The field survey was conducted from September 2014 to March 2015 for the collection of primary data. The Fisher’s Discriminant Function Analysis test was applied to analyse the interest of the independent variables which discriminate the two groups’ namely good performers vs. poor performers in the present study.