Effect on Heart Rate Variability due to Mobile Usage and Mitigation with Envirochip

Praveen Chandra*, Saurabh Chopra, Abhinav Chhabra, Kanika Sardana, Nagendra Chauhan and Sunita Rana

Background: Widespread use of mobile phones and digital technology has warranted the research on the possible side effects of the excessive use of the technology. At the same time, it is imperative to find out ways to minimize the damage caused by excessive exposure. Many studies have reported various health problems due to the excessive use of mobile phones and Wi-Fi devices. These problems may range from headache, dizziness, lack of sleep, heart diseases, memory loss, and concentration issues to cancer in extreme cases.

Objective: In this study, we have analysed the effect of Mobile and Wi-Fi radiations on HRV and the efficacy of Envirochip which claims to neutralize the harmful impact of mobile phone and Wi-Fi Radiations.

Methods: The study was done on 77 participants and the data was taken under three conditions (normal reading, reading with mobile phone and the reading with Envirochip fixed on the mobile phone).

Result: It was seen that HRV gets affected by mobile phone radiation and the uses of Envirochip.

Conclusion: The study revealed that there was a reduction in the average HRV of the participants when they were talking on the mobile phone and an increase in the average HRV of the participants was seen when Envirochip was fixed on the mobile phones and the nearby Wi-Fi devices. However, a study on larger sample size is required to validate the finding of this pilot study.

Published Date: 2022-07-08; Received Date: 2022-06-08