Aining Granule Stabilizes the Decline of CD4 Cell Count in HAART-Receiving HIV/AIDS Patients Having Virologic Failure

Leung Ka-kit Ross, Li Fong Sue Frances, Cen Yu-wen, Xu Yang and Wang Jian

Objective: To explore the pattern of slow-down of CD4 T cell depletion by Aining granule administration.

Method: The data of prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled and double blinded clinical trials enrolling one hundred HIV/AIDS individuals, randomized into two groups, one with 50 cases administered with Aining granule plus the combination of d4T, ddI and NVP, and the other received with placebo plus the combination of d4T, ddI and NVP for observing in a duration of 11 months in were re-analyzed to observe the course of different CD T cells over the treatment period.

Results: Only the patients in the Aining granule treatment group (7, vs 0 in the control group, deviation exceeding 2 sigmas) had stable CD4 T cell count over the treatment course. Conclusion: Our results provided insights into molecular investigation of the relation between the active ingredients of Aining granule, DNA replication and HIV-induced CD4 T cell death.