A Fight for Copyright Infringement: Uncovering Covert Identifiable Data behind Computer Software

Da-Yu Kao

Commercial Intellectual Property (IP) is under constant assault in size and complexity. Criminals are exploiting Information and Communications Technology (ICT) advances to produce copies from copyright holders. While the Internet has empowered internal users or former employees to steal codes, sell to the adversary or seek revenge, it has also exposed users to new forms of criminal activity and copyright infringement. The study proposes an ICT governance framework to hide identifiable data behind the computer software and fights against future copyright infringement. Identifiable data isolates a person or an organization by unique traits so he or she is not confused with or wrongly identified as someone else. It helps Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) identify the copyright holder of computer software. It is essential for copyright holders to embed some identifiable data, and fight against the rise of the copyright infringement. In this study, a data hiding strategy is proposed and ICT governance is discussed as a framework to fight against future copyright infringement.