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Evaluation of role of Endovascular Intervention in Treatment of Patients with Critical Lower Limb Ischemia

Endovascular interventions to superficial femoral artery occlusion: Different approaches, technique, and follow-up

Percutaneous Treatment of Superficial Femoral Artery Total Occlusions: Single Center Experience

Endovascular Approach to Combined Ipsilateral Supra-inguinal and Infra-inguinal Artery Stenosis through a Single Common Puncture in a Single Sitting: Technique and Follow-Up

Drug Eluting Balloon Angioplasty Versus Bare-Metal Stent in Treating Chronic Total Occlusion of Femoro-Popliteal Arterial Segment; a Review of One-Year Outcome of 90 Patients with TASC C and D Lesion

Endovascular interventions for long occlusive disease of the superficial femoral artery in critical limb ischemia

A real-world experience of drug eluting and non-drug eluting stents in lower extremity peripheral arterial disease

Gender Differences in Peripheral Vascular Disease

Gender Differences in Peripheral Vascular Disease

Computing patient-specific hemodynamics in stented femoral artery models obtained from computed tomography using a validated 3D reconstruction method

Caracterización clínica y epidemiológica de pacientes con síndrome de apnea hipoapnea obstructiva del sueño

Hybrid management of a ruptured right subclavian artery aneurysm dissection

Chronic mesenteric ischemia: a case report and review of the literature

Measurably Relating Treatment Effects on Disintegration and Impairmentnoun in Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Revealing vascular abnormalities and measuring small vessel density in multiple sclerosis lesions using USPIO

Joint Application of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Biochemical Biomarkers in Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis

Non-traumatic Acute Epidural Hematoma in Multiple Sclerosis Treated With Fingolimod

Optical coherence tomography angiography in multiple sclerosis: A cross-sectional study

Centralized and Local Color Doppler Ultrasound Reading Agreement for Diagnosis of the Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis